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How to Evolve Your Logo While Maintaining Brand Consistency


While driving to work this morning, I noticed the first snow of the season on the back peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Like every year the first time this happens, it was beautiful, refreshing, and yes, even though I’m not a skier, exhilarating.

This got me thinking about how something you’re used to seeing or experiencing every day can suddenly seem new, even when slightly changed.

The same can be said for your logo. There are plenty of companies out there that have earned their place in the “recognizable” hall of fame because they landed on a look and style, and stuck with it. And although these brands have been “tried and true” over many years, wise companies consistently evolve and “tweak” their brand to keep it fresh—not only for their loyal customers, but also to cater to new audiences.

Although your logo should be timeless, even household names like Coca-Cola have made adjustments to their brand over the years in order to evolve with their consumer’s tastes, preferences, and lifestyles.

Evolving Your Logo

Consider adding “a little spice” to your established brand—it doesn’t need to be drastic. Small changes, like adding snow on mountain peaks, can make a huge difference in getting noticed. Some tweaks to consider:

  • Change your logo color
  • Adjust your logotype
  • Add a contemporary icon element to your logo

The reason behind any brand adjustment needs to always come back to your customer. It’s a good idea to go through a SWOT exercise before considering making a change to your brand:

  • What’s the main reason behind the change?
  • Is a change really necessary?
  • How will the change be beneficial?

Maintain Your Brand

When making a change, be sure to consider the all-important rule of “brand consistency” across all marketing channels. Don’t make a change to the logo on your business cards without reflecting that same change to your website, social media pages, advertisements, and any and all other branding materials.

Change is good—if it’s beneficial and improves the past and current “status quo.” You brand should evolve with your company, and your logo is an integral part of that.

Have you seen any companies successfully evolve their logo? Tell us about it in the comments!