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How to Create a Successful A/B Test

Posted by Karrie Lucero on Mar 8, 2017 9:30:00 AM

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Picture this—you’re redesigning a page on your website, adding a new landing page, or designing a new email to send to your consumers. The ultimate goal? To gain new leads and customers, but there are hundreds, even thousands of ways to share your message. After hours of brainstorming, you’ve narrowed your new content down to two options, but which do you pick? Fear not, you can determine which to use without flipping a coin.

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Be a Leader in Lead Generation

Posted by Watermark on Apr 15, 2015 9:01:00 AM

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Lead generation is perhaps the single most important objective for any marketing, advertising, or PR firm. But not just any lead—you need to attract high-quality leads to help your business move in a positive direction.

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