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4 Fundamental Steps for Successful Medspa Marketing

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Marketing a business requires time, patience, and understanding. When developing a plan, no two businesses are the same, and the task can be a bit overwhelming. As a medspa, you have your own clientele, business personality, and different elements that affect your business, so where do you begin?

Every business, medspas included, requires basic marketing tools that will set the platform for additional marketing tactics. Your medical spa marketing plan is no different. The goal of your marketing strategies will vary, but ultimately, each strategy you employ has the underlying goal to communicate effectively with your target consumers. Here are four steps for developing a basic medspa marketing tool kit:

Get Online

You’re online; we’re online; everyone is online, which is why creating an online presence for your business is crucial to successful marketing. The Internet has become one of the most effective means of communicating with consumers, so why not take advantage of it? You can build your online presence in two ways—a website and social media.

Having a website for your medical spa is extremely important to your online presence. A website allows consumers to find you more easily, and you can increase your likelihood of being found by implementing elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means researching keywords relating to your business and carefully and strategically placing them throughout your website.

A solid SEO plan increases your ranking when your consumers search for keywords on search engines like Google. Your website should also contain a blog, where you can provide more content to consumers and further increase your SEO rankings. In addition to optimization, your website should be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and be presented in a manner that is visually-appealing to your target market.

When it comes to social media, the possibilities seem endless. You don’t necessarily have to jump on every social platform that you find, but there are a few essential accounts your medical spa needs—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. These social media platforms are gold mines when it comes to social media marketing. They give you access to large markets; however, they also allow you to narrow down those markets into niche segments.

Social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, are also easy ways to communicate with consumers. Instagram gives a snapshot preview of your business, which you can appeal to consumers using eye-catching graphics and photos. Pinterest is especially useful for medical spa marketing because of the platform’s high volume of beauty, fitness, and health-oriented content.

Know Your Consumers

Before you begin creating marketing content, you need to think about your consumers. Knowing who your consumers are, what they like, and their buying habits is essential for any business; therefore, each social media post you create should consider your target market. Part of this process includes the development of buyer personas, which provide you with outlines of your typical consumers. 

Once you understand your consumers, you can begin creating content. The quality of your content will determine whether your consumers interact and follow through to content on your website. Your initial marketing strategy should include a breakdown of your content, ideally an 80/20 mix. This means 80 percent of your communication with consumers should be messages that are quality, relevant, and engaging content. The other 20 percent should be sales-oriented. While the ultimate goal of your marketing may be to increase sales or gain more clients, you must first engage and grab consumers’ attention before they consider further action.

Consider Paid Media

Paid media are the vehicles you pay to advertise within (e.g., TV, magazines, newspapers, etc.). This can be done locally, nationally, and even online. Choosing what media to buy goes hand in hand with knowing your clientele. This requires some additional research to further understand your consumers’ behaviors and attitudes and learn what types of media they are consuming. Consider both local and national trade productions, like medical spa magazines and online newsletters. This can open doors to new means of communication with potential consumers.

You can also purchase media through your social media site by promoting your posts. Through your Facebook business page, you can “boost” each individual post or partake in Facebook Ads. Twitter and Pinterest allows users to “promote” their tweets and pins, and Instagram allows businesses to create “sponsored” posts. Each of these options allow you to increase your reach. The promoted posts will show up on user feeds even if they don’t follow your business’s account.

Show Your Personality

Just like every person has a unique personality, so does every business. While your competitors may provide similar or even the same services to consumers, an experience at your medical spa will still be different from any other. Developing brand personality allows you to humanize your business, making it more relatable to consumers.

Conversational marketing is a great way to accomplish this. This subset of content marketing has become a top buzzword in 2016 marketing trends. In order to achieve successful conversational marketing, you must listen to consumers by creating a two-way conversation through social media, your website, and all other means of communication. This will allow you to build rapport, establish relationships with your consumers, and effectively nuzzle your way into their hearts.

Marketing your medspa doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Understanding your consumers wants and needs will help you to decide the most effective means of reaching your potential consumers. With a basic marketing tool kit, you can establish a presence and then build up your marketing playbook with more tactics and strategies as you gain more experience and knowledge about your consumers.

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