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The Only Constant Is Change - Marketing Trends


Successfully developing advertising campaigns and marketing your business in our digital world requires constantly adapting to new trends (or suffering the consequences). The first order of business is identifying what these trends are and how they can assist your marketing efforts.

Prioritize Mobile

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way consumers seek out information. The Millennial generation leads the way in mobile technology, but don’t forget to target Gen Xers by creating campaigns that utilize platforms like email and print. Neglecting other channels is a missed opportunity for marketers.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Variety is another prominent trend in marketing. Although mobile leads the pack, other marketing platforms carry great importance. To effectively create a useful customer experience, mix it up by using multichannel communication to attract different markets rather than running the same message on all marketing mediums. Target various audiences more effectively—print advertising for Baby Boomers, online ads for Gen X, and social media for Millennials.

Create Useful Customer Experiences

“What have you done for me?” This question has become the mantra for consumers. The ugly truth is that consumers openly admit that they avoid advertising, which makes sense when realizing that consumers are exposed to approximately 5,000 messages each day. Because of this, it is essential to provide customers with valuable content. Keep in mind that 86 percent of consumers in the United States claim they value brands that are useful rather than entertaining; therefore, providing some “reward” or value is a must.

Everlasting Change

Chances are, a new marketing trend will emerge by the time you digest this article. Staying up-to-date with industry trends is essential, but even more important is evaluating your marketing success to determine what worked and what didn’t in regards to these emerging trends. Wash, rinse and repeat.