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  • With a 35-year reputation, Watermark is an industry leader in advertising, marketing, and smart design. We are dedicated to long-term relationships with clients and vendors with our personally engaging, small agency model. As a HubSpot parter, we provide creative, multi-faceted marketing solutions for all your communications needs. Watermark’s posts focus on all areas of the advertising and marketing field and provide a professional take on the latest industry trends and technologies.
Jun 14

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Brand Persona

Topics: Branding

May 17

How to Build a Successful Brand With a SWOT Analysis

Topics: Branding

May 03

4 Key Benefits Of an Annual Report Design Agency

Topics: Corporate Communication

Jun 15

Medical Spa Marketing: 4 Important Things You're Missing

Topics: Medical Spa Marketing

Mar 02

Organized Chaos: How to Maintain Sanity in the Creative Field

Topics: Agency Insider

Dec 30

What Makes an Engaging PowerPoint Presentation?

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Corporate Communication

Dec 10

Avoid Shareholder Activism By Improving Investor Engagement

Topics: Corporate Communication

Nov 25

Why Your Company Needs Branding Guidelines

Topics: Branding

Oct 14

Inbound Marketing Priorities For Small Business [New Data]

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Smart Marketing

Oct 07

The Difference Between CMYK and RGB Color Models

Topics: Creative Design, Web Design and Development