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Call-to-Action: A Guide

You’ve taken the time and effort to improve your website’s search engine optimization and are now ready to convert prospective leads into actual sales. This begins with a call-to-action.

An effective call-to-action evokes a need for individuals to engage and interact with your business, resulting in return-on-investment and generating quality leads. Make sure to include the following components in your CTAs to persuade users to interact:

Incorporate Active Language

Individuals typically visit websites to inquire more about a company’s products and services with no intent to purchase. An effective call-to-action incorporates action-oriented language to arouse a need within the customer to learn more about these products and services, therefore encouraging them to potentially pursue business with your company. Words such as “download,” “click,” and “call” encourage visitors not just to browse your company’s website, but to take action and instigate business with your company.

Create Value for Your CTA

A visitor may encounter your call-to-action and wonder why they should click or call. The chance of developing conversions increases roughly 14 percent by generating value within your call-to-action. It should specifically address the benefit of clicking on the CTA. For example, if your company is offering a free download for a marketing strategy template, the call-to-action can include a phrase such as, “learn the most effective marketing strategies to help launch your next campaign.” Creating value is the key to conversion.

Promote Urgency

The most effective way to create a sense of urgency is telling people to act on your call-to-action now. Encouraging visitors to do something immediately increases the chances of them actually doing it; therefore, it is beneficial to use time-sensitive terms such a “download now” or “call today” to increase visitor responses.

Use Personalization

In order to capture the attention of your readers, personalize your call-to-action to let them know you understand their specific wants and needs. By conveying that you know what they want, viewers are more likely to follow up with your call-to-action. 

Calls-to-action are a vital part to any inbound marketing strategy. For more information, make sure to check out "Inbound, Outbound, All Around Marketing."