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Consider An Overlooked Demographic

Skinny jeans on skinnier models. Iconic actors driving luxury cars. Top shelf chefs promoting gourmet cuisine.

But…what about the (vast) majority who are thrilled to fit into a size 10-12, keep their fingers crossed they can squeeze another 100,000 miles out of their 10-year-old car, and their staple meal in the home is good ol’ boxed mac and cheese? Oh…that demographic?

A Forbes study showed that only 5% of consumers surveyed in the “New Heartland,” encompassing 26 Midwest and some Southeast states, feel that advertising campaigns really understand them—a demographic that makes up over half the consumers in the U.S.

While major brands with celebrity endorsements have earned their place in the market, the New Heartland is much more likely to rely on their core values of faith, community, and family when making purchasing decisions. These values not only impact product purchases, but decisions about insurance carriers, banking institutions, and medical care. And since this demographic is so community-minded, a satisfied customer is going to share their positive feedback with a large group of family and friends within a two-hour radius—either in person, via phone, or social media—can’t beat free advertising!

So when you’re dreaming of the day you can launch a slick, star-studded advertising campaign—don’t overlook the New Heartland, a vast demographic who pay attention to products and services that value their values. 

At Watermark, we recognize that each business has a unique clientele, and have the expertise to market your company to your target market.