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Daylight Hour

On this sunny Friday, the Watermark team welcomed in the natural light as part of the global observance of Daylight Hour. Offices around the world turned their lights off between the hours of 12-1pm in an effort to save energy. Back in 2014, this simple and effective campaign was launched to raise awareness of our energy usage. Since then, the participation has increased significantly with the hope to continue to grow in future years #raiseyourshades

Daylight Hour by the Stats


7 City Partners            854 participating offices         147.6 Million SF          267.2 MWH Saved

Watermark’s Participation

Take a look at the Watermark team working in the natural light. Even our teammates that work from home observed the Daylight Hour by turning the light off in their homes. Our President, Jason, was on the road and said he’d turn the headlights off on his car (thank goodness it happened in the middle of the day!)

IMG-1974 copy eliza-giving-thumbs-up
delbert-working IMG-3128-1