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Do You Know Your Audience?

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One of the first things I learned as a Rhetoric & Composition student in undergrad was the importance of knowing your audience (thanks, Bitzer). Granted, 9 times out of 10 the “audience” was my professor, but the sentiment remained: in order to write persuasively, you need to know your audience.

The same concept applies to marketing.

Have you ever seen a commercial that throws around whatever teenage slang is popular at the moment, or a print ad that has completely missed the mark on their target audience? It’s pretty cringe-worthy. 

Failure to tailor your content to a specific audience won’t generate you leads, and could even make you a viral embarrassment. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this.


In order to effectively market to a specific audience, your content needs to be written in a way that appeals to them. It’s a simple and obvious concept, yet is oftentimes forgotten in practice. 

Remember Stressed out Sally from our previous article on creating personas? As a health-conscious working mother, Sally struggles to find time to cook wholesome meals for her two kids. Because you are an online meal-delivery service in this scenario, you understand that Sally is your target customer. 

Once your persona is solidified, ask yourself the following when drafting copy:

  • What type of device is Sally using?
  • How much time does she spend online?
  • How formal or informal language would she read?
  • Are there any buzzwords that would catch Sally’s eye?
  • What is the first thing you want her to read?
  • What types of visuals/imagery would entice her?

Once you have a solid understanding of what Sally wants to read, you can begin writing copy to suit her needs.


Once you have your content developed, it’s time to get it in front of your audience. Unfortunately, advertising doesn’t simply employ a “build it and they will come” methodology—you need to choose the most appropriate outlets for your persona.

You know Sally does most of her browsing/purchasing on her phone due to her busy lifestyle, and that she is active on health food blogs and social media; therefore you could utilize the following to take her down the sales funnel:

  • Active social media presence
  • Advertisements on her favorite blog or magazine
  • An email newsletter that focuses on healthy eating, home cooked meals, and parenting
  • Regularly-scheduled blog posts that use keywords Sally would search for
  • A trial program that would allow Sally to “try before she buys” 

Before you sit down to write that catchy ad slogan, make sure you understand who exactly you’re marketing to. Writing content that is appropriate for your persona, and delivering it through applicable channels will ensure that you will generate valuable leads.