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How to Build a Memorable Holiday Marketing Strategy


Marketing during the holidays is a fun opportunity to get a little cheesy, try something new and make people feel good. If it’s done right, you can launch a memorable campaign that people will remember for years, but if it’s done wrong, you could seriously offend people. While you’re preparing for this holiday season, here are 4 tips to help you formulate your best holiday marketing strategy yet! 

1. Use Emotion

While appealing to your target consumer’s emotions is a favorable strategy to use year-round, it’s especially advantageous to use during the holidays. We’re all familiar with that happy, comfortable feeling of being around the people you love when the end of the year approaches. Why not remind people of that in your marketing? A meal is not just a meal around the holidays, it’s a chance for families to spend meaningful time together—remind your audience of that.

2. Be Meaningful 

The holidays tend to bring out the best in people. Whether it’s opening doors or donating money, people are extra willing to show their goodness. The campaigns that tend to do the best around this time are the ones that celebrate our collective goodness. Maybe it’s a surprise visit from an old friend or a random act of kindness—whatever it is, make sure your marketing has a meaningful message this holiday season.


While having a firm understanding of your personas is a critical basis for any marketing efforts, this is especially true around the holidays. Regardless of your personal opinions or preferences, knowing the most appropriate way to address your audience can save you from being accidentally offensive. If you’re not sure, “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” is a safe bet!

4. Timing is Everything

The ancient Greeks had a word—kairos—that meant, in essence, to do something at the most opportune time. (And they said getting a degree in English would be a waste of money…) Understanding when to implement and execute your advertising is critical to the success of your holiday marketing strategy. Who wants to read about a Christmas sale in September? Or a New Year’s Special in March?   

Make this holiday season one to remember by implementing these holiday marketing strategy best practices today. 

What’s your favorite holiday marketing campaign? Share with us in the comments!