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Improve Customer Experience by Humanizing Your Brand

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Let's say you’ve implemented your marketing campaign but still aren’t seeing your desired results.

This is where customer experience comes into play. Social media has diminished the effectiveness of mass communication by allowing brands to interact in a more interpersonal manner. The key to producing humanized content is establishing trust with consumers so they not only notice your brand, but also feel the need to pursue further communication with your business.

The First Impression

Chances are, someone who is searching for your business already knows what you do, but do they really know what you’re about? As consumers, we typically formulate first impressions of a company within the first minute of visiting their website or social networking pages. Any brand can distribute eye-catching content, but establishing an authentic representation of your company with an inviting tone will help build trust and will improve customer experience with your company.

Tell A Story

Storytelling is a great way to distribute meaningful content consumers can relate to (as long as it coincides with your brand’s values and beliefs). A classic example was demonstrated by Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” video, which evoked emotion while aligning with the company’s brand of promoting nutrition and propagating a better world. Appealing to your customer’s emotions is an especially useful tool when telling a story.

Be Engaging

The tone of your content needs to offer relevant and engaging information that serves a purpose for the audience. In our technology-driven world, consumer’s attention spans have become more limited, meaning that content that improves user experience goes a long way when establishing brand loyalty.

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