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Maintaining a Website for Your Medical Spa

maintaining a website, medical spa

How many DVDs do you have sitting on a back shelf collecting dust? Really, how many times can you watch the same thing over and over and come away with something new and exciting? The same can be said for your medical spa's website. Not maintaining a website is like leaving out a piece of bread—it goes stale. And who wants stale bread?

Up To Date, or Out Of Date?

Make sure anywhere on your website that references a date or event, that the information is current. An event listing that’s two years old or a teaser on your home page that’s referring to Christmas—when it’s May—does not leave a very good impression on a first-time visitor.

Update company information on your website in as timely a fashion as possible—a new employee, new summer hours, an added email address—all can mean the difference between a new customer and a frustrated visitor who won’t be referring your site, or your services, to anyone else!

Blogs—Inquiring Minds Want to Know

There is always something new going on in your business—why not share it consistently on one of your most visible communication tools—your website? One of the easiest ways to add fresh content to your website on a consistent basis is a blog. Blog articles about opinions on your products and services (opinions, not “sales pitches!”) as well as specific questions and issues you’ve heard from your own customers give you a wealth of subject matter to write on.

Opinions vary greatly relative to how many times per month/week/day you should blog to keep your audience engaged (and the search engines actively finding your website—but we’ll get to that later!). A good starting number to get your blog generating interest and readership is once per week.


Searching for the Next Best Thing

I’m sure you’ve already heard about search engine optimization (SEO), but you’ve been too busy running your business and keeping your customers happy to really figure out how important it is to your website being found by your future clientele!

There are a lot of factors required in order for search engines to put you at the top of their query lists. A well-optimized website for your medical spa also makes it easier for users to find things quickly—a “must” for today’s instant gratification consumer.

Testimonials—Happy Customers are Your Best Cheerleaders

You built your business on great customer service, so why not ask those satisfied customers to let others know how happy they were via a testimonials section on your website? These valuable reviews are a great form of advertising the three R’s of your business: reputation, reliability and customer relationships.

There’s No Place Like Home

Your home page is like the “eye candy” for the rest of your website. Place tempting teasers and call to action buttons on your home page to lead visitors to other areas of your site. Periodically update header images to keep your home page visually fresh and relevant.

Time is Money

An optimized, consistently updated website for your medical spa is a must-have for today’s online marketplace…but you have a business to run. You don’t have the time to spend maintaining a website. You aren’t a web designer or a copywriter (and you have no desire to be), but your website is a crucial lead generation tool to attract new and return customers. Consider outsourcing your website SEO and online efforts—it will help find the customers you need to keep your business thriving!

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