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How Marketing Automation Helps Small Business

It’s not always easy managing your small business, but marketing automation software can help ease some of the day-to-day headaches. Marketing automation provides you with tools to engage with and deliver relevant content and campaigns to potential and current customers.

Marketing automation is effective in that it configures inbound and outbound campaigns to assure lasting client-business interaction. Marketers who implement marketing automation practices typically see a 10 percent increase in their sales pipeline. By tracking email analytics, forms, and website performance, marketing automation prompts the right messages at the right time, tailored to your various audiences.

Email automation is also highly useful for small business. This is because email automation tracks recipient engagement and determines the most effective content to distribute, which is not possible to do manually. This is especially important because email is the primary source of communication for 95 percent of organizations and extremely cost effective.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) automation prioritizes your most valuable leads, which provides business owners with the knowledge to engage specific leads with the appropriate message. However, CRM should compliment marketing automation versus totally replacing it because measuring success of this avenue is more difficult. 

Marketing automation gives your small business the opportunity to accurately measure how successful your marketing strategies are. So the question when it comes to marketing automation is not if you should invest, but when will you invest? The answer is now!