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Rich Media Pays Off

No, rich media does not mean your TV has a net worth of billions. Rich media is a marketing technique becoming more popular and useful in today’s advertising. Before we get into specifics, let’s talk basics.

Every advertising message you relay to customers is sent through a medium, or basically, the “carrier” of your message. In today’s market, the sky is essentially the limit when it comes to choosing a medium. You can relay your message through multiple channels, including TV, print, radio, (outbound mediums) social media outlets, interactive websites, and blogs (inbound mediums).

Rich media is when you include technology to reach out to your audience through videos, infographics, images, and content that calls for some sort of user interaction. Including these elements engages users and encourages them to more willingly share information in exchange for more information from, or about your company. Rich media is a prime choice when your goal is to drive more traffic to your website or wanting to gain “viral” attention from dynamic visuals. 

Mobile devices are the main delivery targets for rich media, allowing users to watch videos, download applications and games, surf the web, and even listen to music. MobileAds found that 52% of consumers are more confident in online purchases after watching online ads that include video. (Check out our video marketing tips here). 

In recent years, the movie industry has taken advantage of increased Internet and social media use and video by creating interactive websites with behind the scenes footage and cast interviews. Examples are the Skyfall website that was released before the 2012 blockbuster hit, and Warner Bros’ Space Jam website, which is still running strong almost 20 years after the movie’s release. 

Businesses have also started using rich elements in print advertising. When consumers soaked the Glacial beer ad in water, wrapped it around their beer bottle and put it in the freezer, salt particles in the paper helped the beer cool faster. 

Channeling interactive mediums that your target audiences already use will engage them in a much more memorable way—and can help create a different kind rich! 

Have you seen any stand-out examples of rich media? Tell us in the comments!