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Social Media: More Than Just Tweets and Status Updates

Almost a decade ago, social media was making its debut on the Internet scene. Known initially as a means of interaction between friends and family, it has now transformed into one of the most valuable marketing tools for businesses.


The number of social media networks is constantly growing. As a business, it can be difficult to keep up with these channels consumers are using most. It is important to remember that much more goes into social media marketing than 140 characters. These tools offer communication across multiple channels, so choose the networks that not only best fit your company’s needs, but also the needs of your audience. 

Most large corporations use in-house teams to design and manage their online accounts. More often than not, this is not feasible for small businesses, so the ideal answer for you is to recruit third-party social media management services.

Understanding Analytics

The most popular websites like Facebook and Twitter offer analytics for companies to track how consumers are interacting, and if posts are effectively communicating the messages the company wants to convey. Analysts have expertise in combining the data into reports and use it to help companies establish specific personas for each of their vertical marketing targets. 

At Watermark, we design and develop websites with accompanying social media presence that act as a unified collection of marketing tools. We compare data obtained through multiple platforms through Google Analytics and help clients with search engine optimization (SEO) for their websites. That data is then used to craft the right marketing messages that will increase traffic, which, in turn increases ROI.