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Why Video Marketing is Vital to Your Business Strategy

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When marketing to wide audiences, it is vital that messages be sent over multiple channels. A great way to increase awareness is through video marketing.

You may hesitate to consider video marketing for fear of expensive video crews and equipment, but successful videos can easily be created by anyone with a smart phone or tablet. For the less video savvy, sites like PowToon allow businesses to create up to five simple animation videos in a free account. Here are some tools and techniques to reach broader audiences through video marketing.

Redirect Users

If part of your marketing strategy includes increasing website visits, instead of directly embedding videos into your social media profile pages, post a single screenshot from the video with a play button. When the viewer clicks the button, they will then be sent to your website to watch the video.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media users widely communicate via videos using popular social media sites like Instagram and Vine. Creating short-form videos of different lengths make users more likely to share the video through their smartphones. Snippets of a longer video used in short-form posts can redirect customers to your website for more information.

Incorporate Your Business’s Personality

Personality is a key factor in any type of marketing—especially video marketing. It gives customers a way to relate to your company, stay intrigued, and want to find out more about you. The Dollar Shave Club’s video marketing took advantage of the charisma and outgoing personality of company CEO, Michael Dubin, to create a relatable, humanized brand figure. By making your company more relatable, consumers stay engaged with your message and are more likely to act on it.

Follow these few suggestions on your next video marketing campaign to see the best results. Integrating videos into your business’ advertising strategy will diversify your marketing, gaining more customers along the way. Here at Watermark, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best marketing strategies, including multimedia campaigns, like video.