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What’s Watermark Doing In Denver?


We have received a few requests over the years (and a surprising number over the past few months!) from individuals in Denver asking if we could place watermarks on their photos. Well, the answer is yes, we can do that, but…that’s not all we can do, even though the name of our marketing agency is Watermark.

So, allow me clarify and perhaps clear up some confusion…

What is a Watermark

According to Google, a watermark is “a faint design made in some paper during manufacture, which is visible when held against the light and typically identifies the maker.” 

Watermarks can range from being almost indiscernible to fairly obvious at first glance. They are used on financial and government documents, and on certain types of paper to determine the quality of the sheet.

Watermarks have been used for centuries, and have a fascinating history

Watermarks are also used as identifiers for digital materials such as music, video and photos. 

Behind The Mark

Watermark of Denver, on the other hand, is the subtle, “behind the scenes” presence that is reflected in quality creative and smart design for our clients.

Printed materials in today’s digital environment need a distinctive look and feel to stand apart, much like watermarks used on premium papers and online. Each watermark is unique, and we apply the same philosophy to each of our clients. Many times an agency’s work can be recognized across a number of their materials, no matter the client. Rather than all our clients’ collateral being recognized by a “Watermark look and feel,” we strive to have our clients be the ones identified and remembered by their unique look.

So if you’re searching for someone to apply a physical or digital watermark to your printed or electronic materials…we can do that, but we invite you to check out some of our other capabilities here and here!