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Twitter Marketing—When Less is More

Welcome to the world of Twitter marketing: market your brand from the comfort of your cubicle in 140 characters or less!

Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts, a type of media buying, allow brands to broadcast their message to tailored demographics, which is advantageous for advertisers, considering there are over 241 million active users on Twitter each month. Use these features to target your appropriate niche among millions of users. 

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are no different than your average tweet except they are purchased by advertisers and marked as ‘Promoted.’ These messages are specifically placed through the website based on keywords users search for, who they follow, what they retweet, etc. Essentially, the research is done for you! Utilizing this feature is a great way to drive traffic, improve brand awareness, and promote sales. Find out how to improve your brand’s advertising strategy on Twitter here

Promoted Accounts

Much like Promoted Tweets, this feature specifically advertises your account based on relevant followers and users who currently visit your website. Twitter targets consumers who are not following your Twitter account, which drives sales and web traffic by attracting a new demographic. Promoted Accounts are displayed throughout your Twitter timeline, primarily on Home Timelines and in the search results. Promoted Accounts are similarly displayed as ‘Promoted,’ which indicate they are advertisements.

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