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Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Social media is here to stay when communicating with friends and family, but why is it necessary for your business to employ social media marketing? The answer lies in the statistics.

According to the Social Media Examiner’s annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 92 percent of marketers emphasized the importance of utilizing social media in regards to the success of their business (a 6 percent increase from the prior year).

A professional social media presence allows businesses to interact with potential and existing customers in a more personal manner, which can lead to increased brand loyalty and exposure. In fact, 83 percent of marketers who used social media last year noticed an increase in brand exposure.

So the importance of using social media for business has been proven, but how exactly are you supposed to use it? First, make sure to integrate your social media platforms with your current marketing/branding initiatives to convey consistency. For example, all Watermark social media accounts reflect the same branding elements established on our website.

Spreading your message across multiple channels will increase the amount of people seeing your product. We also strongly recommend posting original content that includes some form of multimedia, (image, video, infographic, etc.) Posts that incorporate multimedia get “shared” 75 percent of the time because the human eye is naturally directed toward images and movement, so make sure to include something worthwhile that will capture your audiences’ attention.

Finally, make sure your content serves a purpose for the intended audience. If your posts are chock-full of useless information, chances are users won’t feel the need to inquire more about your business. Provide them with content valuable to them that will encourage them to keep returning.